Electropolishing and Laser Marking K-Wire

While generally not required by medical device regulations, it is often a nice touch to add electropolishing and laser marks to your K-Wire project. The electropolishing will give it a nice clean and bright finish. The laser marks add functionality for doctors by adding depth markers so they know how far a guide wire has gone in.

The process for Modern Grinding to make a K-Wire is to first take a raw piece of stainless steel wire with the clients designated diameter. Next we grind a trocar tip (and threads if desired). We will then cut the second end to length and soft grind this end so that there are no burrs or hard edges. Next we electropolish, then laser mark, then passivate per ASTM A967 and send out to our happy clients.

Below is a photo of a threaded k-wire with electropolishing and a smooth k-wire with a laser marked depth marker. If you have questions about this product or process or if you need help with your next project don’t hesitate to contact us.

K-Wire with Electropolish and Laser Mark

K-Wire with Electropolish and Laser Mark

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