K-Wire Fixation

K-Wire fixation is a procedure to hold bone in place for recovery after a bone fracture. Percutaneous pin fixation is the process of fixation through the skin. K-Wire fixation uses a variety of tips to help achieve percutaneous guidance to the desired location. If possible, percutaneous fixation is preferred since opening up the skin requires additional tools and recovery time by the patient.

Temporary K-Wire Fixation

In certain cases temporary fixation is all that is needed. This process can take 4-6 weeks for recovery and then the K-Wire is taken out. Sometimes the pin is left visible outside of the skin for easier removal.

Definitive K-Wire Fixation

If the fracture is small such as in hand and wrist fractures, the K-Wire maybe be place in the wrist permanently.

Lost K-Wire Fixation

Sometimes the fixation maybe back out of the bone and be lost. This is most likely if the K-Wire is between two bones which move a lot. Measures are taken to help secure the fixation such as specialized tips and threading for portions of the K-Wire.

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