K-Wire Tips

K-Wire Tip Angle

The typical angle that we manufacture on a k-wire is 15 degrees. We have manufactured anywhere from 7 degrees to 45 degrees for custom parts but 15 degrees is the standard angle that we see. 15 degrees is measured against the center line of the part, not the two sides of the angle. For trocar tips, if you are looking at the face of the K-Wire, the angle is almost always 120 degrees per face or equally distributed among the three faces of the K-Wire.

K-Wire Tip Styles

The most common K-Wire tip we manufacture is the trocar tip, which is a 3 faced tip. We also manufacture diamond which is a two faced tip but this is much less common.

K-Wire Relief Angles

Some customers request relief angles but this is fairly infrequent. We can program relief angles into out machine but inspecting and analyzing them is difficult. A relief angle of 5 degrees can carry a tolerance of 3-5 degrees which  essentially wipes out the relief. Long story short, we can do them, but it is very tough to inspect.

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