Percutaneous K-wire Fixation

At, we are not medical experts, we are a K-Wire Manufacturer who is interested in technological and research advances in the field of precision wire creation. The most valuable resource we have found for discussion on the surgical aspects of K-Wire usage are posted from the AO foundation. The following article is helpful for identifying K-wire fixation:,%20Transverse&treatment=&method=Simple%20transverse%20fracture&implantstype=K-wire%20fixation&approach=&redfix_url=1291115448210&Language=en

If you are undergoing surgery for a fracture I would highly suggest doing some reading on the AO Foundation website to learn more about the techniques used in these types of surgeries. When I first started learning about ways in which Modern Grinding pins and wires are used, I will admit, I was a little queasy. I have learned that these types of surgeries are fairly common and meant to heal a variety of injuries. I now find myself gravitating to fractures out of interest to find out how we can best help those in need. 

K- Wires can be used in both temporary and long term scenarios.  K-wires are used for temporary fixation during some operations. After definitive fixation they are then removed. The pins are usually removed four weeks post operation. They can be used for definitive fixation if the fracture fragments are small such wrist or hand fractures. Some settings they can be used for intermedullary fixation of bones such as the ulna.


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