Spade Tip K-Wire

At Modern Grinding, we have customers ask for Spade Tip K-Wires. This is normally followed by a pause and then when we ask what they mean by spade tip, they aren’t really sure. The wikipedia definition of spade tip is “a tool designed primarily for the purpose of digging” Usually when a customer asks us for a spade tip, they mean a sharp tip for digging into bone.

There are two sharp tips that we typically manufacture, trocar tip and diamond tip. Trocar is far and away the most typical spade tip k-wire. Diamond tip is less prevalent but still available. We have also had  a customer ask about grinding “flats” on the back end of the k-wire for drilling purposes and he referred to the flats as a spade tip.

This post was trying to dispel the rumor of what spade tip k-wire is. We may ask you to clarify what you mean by spade tip, there are many different types.

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